Hajj and Umrah

Posted on: Sun, 07/03/2022 - 09:41 By: admin

Hajj is an annual religious pilgrimage to Mecca undertaken each year millions of people from all over the world. This year Hajj occurs from approximately July 7, 2022, to July 12, 2022. Umrah is a pilgrimage that can be completed at any time of the year. 

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the Motawif for Pilgrims from Europe, the Americas, and Australia, have developed an electronic portal through which pilgrims can register for Hajj.  The portal also allows for electronic Hajj visa applications.

Pilgrims who desire to perform Hajj can register directly at: www.motawif.com.sa. For help with registration, please either contact the call center or email Motawif Care at care@motawif.com.sa. The call center phone number from the United States is 1-833-271-2112. Callers from Saudi Arabia should call 800-891-2027.

The portal features various package options, support services, and a multi-lingual communication center that is open around the clock.  Please note that registration does not necessarily mean full approval to perform Hajj. You must register and then wait for confirmation of approval.

The Saudi government has announced a series of entry restrictions, including for religious travel.  In 2022, Hajj pilgrims must be under 65 years old and fully vaccinated against COVID-19. They must also present a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before departure for the Kingdom. Priority will be given to those who have not previously performed Hajj.